Taylor Pearce Ltd


Museum Conservation Treatments

Once we have made an initial assessment of condition, carried out tests and agreed how the client would like us to proceed, our team can begin treatments. We use techniques which are compatible with the original materials and reversible wherever possible. Objects can be transported to our secure studios or we can carry out the work on site. A detailed report is produced at the end of each project documenting all the treatments including:

• treatment of objects made of stone, plaster, Coade stone, ceramics, wood, metal, plastic and other synthetic materials

• appropriate cleaning following trials; poulticing; steam cleaning; dry and solvent cleaning

• careful removal of old repairs which may be damaging or historically inaccurate

• repair or replacement of detached or lost elements using appropriate materials to produce, attach and support additions or fill gaps where material has been lost

• retouching or gilding any losses to surface coatings or new additions to give the object a cohesive appearance

• application of protective coatings taking into account the conditions where the object will be located in future

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