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Sculpture Reproductions


It is sometimes necessary to make a reproduction of an historic sculpture or architectural detail; to conserve the original sculpture when the environment is detrimental to the original sculpture, or to replace lost elements in a larger scheme.  Taylor Pearce can produce faithful reproductions, be it a cast produced from a mould or a copy meticulously carved in stone.

Taylor Pearce have extensive experience of taking moulds from original sculpture or architectural details and producing cast reproductions.  We always assess the sculpture to determine if mould-making is possible and will not cause damage to the original. If the object is too fragile for mould-making then laser scanning is an option, this allows for accurate copies to be made with minimal contact with the original. Once a cast is produced hand finishing is then carried out to replicate different surface patinations where needed. 

Replica carving.
Clay modelling and carving can also be employed to produce faithful copies in the same material as the original.  A traditional pointing machine allows for precise measuring of an original sculpture providing information to be able to manufacture a hand-made copy.  These traditional techniques allow an accurate, hand crafted and unique replica to be produced in the same material as the original.

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